10 Best AI Cover Letter Generator (FREE) To Get Your Dream Job!

The AI Secret Weapon That Will Land You Your Dream Job
Best AI Cover Letter Generator

So, you’re on the hunt for that dream job, and you’ve sent tons of application just to realize nobody is invite you for interviews! Crafting a compelling cover letter is not easy, and that’s where the marvels of AI cover letter generator come into play.

Fear not, job seekers!

I understand how it feels like when our job application go unnoticed and as time goes by, our hope fades away and we start doubting our capability.

That’s why I will share to you the best AI cover letter generator that is available out there to help you get noticed and got your first interviewsl

Of course, that’s how far I can help you!

Because then you must perform by yourself in front of the interviewers, but at least having a great cover letter will give you a chance to show your talent in front of them as you got interviews!

Lets take a look at my list of the best AI cover letter generator you can start using today!

What is The Best AI Cover Letter Generator?

In today’s competitive job market, a cover letter can be your secret weapon. 

The good news is, you don’t need to be a great writer or designer to create a killer cover letter that catch the attention of company users.

Here are the best AI cover letter generator based on each category.

  • Quick and Free AI Cover Letter: Lazy Apply
  • Simple and Clear Cover Letter: ChatGPT
  • Beautiful Templates: KickResume
  • Customized and High Quality Cover Letter: Rezi AI
  • Best and Career Specifics: Teal HQ
  • Detailed Cover Letter: Cover Letter AI by Wonsulting (ResumAI)

1. Zety: The Easy Breezy Bae

Best AI Cover Letter Generator

Think Zety like Ikea furniture for your cover letter – simple, straightforward, and gets the job done.

Zety’s user-friendly interface and clear instructions make it perfect for anyone who wants a quick, painless cover letter boost.

Choose from well-structured templates for different roles, tweak a bit, and boom – you’ve got a solid foundation to personalize.

2. Resume.io: The Looker With Brains

AI Cover Letter Generator

Let’s be honest, a visually appealing cover letter grabs attention.

Resume.io takes your writing game to the next level with modern, eye-catching designs.

Plus, it integrates with your resume, creating a cohesive application package that screams professionalism (and good taste).

Bonus points for the free trial with all the bells and whistles – try before you buy!

3. MyPerfectResume: The Achievement Whisperer

AI Cover Letter Writer

MyPerfectResume helps you showcase your accomplishments like a pro.

This tool focuses on highlighting your wins, making sure your skills and experiences land a front-row seat in the hiring manager’s mind.

Is there a free plan? Of course!

Just be prepared for slightly limited options compared to the paid version.

4. ChatGPT

what is openai chatgpt

What’s an AI cover letter discussion without ChatGPT?

A powerhouse in various writing tasks, ChatGPT delivers with its cover letter prowess.

Althought ChatGPT is not essentially a specialized AI cover letter writer, it does have the ability to create a decent cover letter for you.

If you want a free ai cover letter generator that still be able to meet your standard, try this one!

5. CoverDoc AI

Free AI Cover Letter Generator

CoverDoc AI impresses with its well-written cover letters and additional features.

Connecting your LinkedIn profile ensures up-to-date work history, and the option to choose a writing style adds a personal touch.

The downside? It comes at a cost, but the quality might just make it worth the investment.

6. Cover Letter AI by Wonsulting

Best AI Cover Letter Generator Free

Wonsulting, known for its suite of job seeker tools, doesn’t disappoint with its cover letter generator.

You’ll need to upload your resume, but in return, you get a super detailed, in-depth cover letter.

Surprisingly, it’s completely free – a hidden gem in the AI cover letter market.

If you are looking for a free ai cover letter generator, try this one!

7. LazyApply

AI Cover Letter Generator Free

This AI cover letter writer is Free and straightforward, offers basic cover letter writing services.

LazyApply is a quick starting point if you’re not looking for anything too fancy and prefer a free ai cover letter generator.

However, it might not be your go-to if you’re after a convincing, professionally-crafted letter.

8. Teal HQ

Best AI Cover Letter Generators

Teal HQ isn’t just about crafting cover letters – it’s a whole job-tracking dashboard.

This AI cover letter writer have the ability to connect the job you’re applying for, it whips up a custom letter specific to that role.

Personalized and efficient, it’s a win-win, even though it’s tightly integrated with its resume builder.

9. Rezi AI Cover Letter Builder: The Tailored Tailor

AI Cover Letter Generators

In beta mode but packing a punch, Rezi AI prompts you for information like your name, contact details, and even the company and recruiter’s name.

The result? An impressively descriptive and customized cover letter.

Rezi takes personalization to a whole new level. 

This AI cover letter writer whiz analyzes your resume and the job description, then crafts a cover letter that’s like a custom suit – perfectly tailored to fit both you and the position. 

It even adapts to your writing style, so your unique voice comes through loud and clear. 

Feeling fancy? Upgrade for the full experience, but be prepared to open your wallet a little wider.

The drawback?  is that it lacks the flashy templates available.

10. KickResume: The AI Sensei

AI Cover Letter Writers

Ever wish you had a cover letter writing coach in your pocket? 

Kickresume’s AI assistant is like Yoda for your cover letter. 

It analyzes your work, suggests improvements, and highlights potential weaknesses. 

Worried about Applicant Tracking Systems (those robot resume readers)? 

This AI cover letter generator got your back with keyword optimization that makes your application shine. 

Free plan with basic features? Check. 

Time to impress the bots and the humans.


The world has evolve to a point where the trends are now start going into an AI evolution.

We will see a hybrid world where we no longer just using human ability, but human with AI.

A lot of people and business has integrated AI into their business operations, whether it’s using AI for their social media, branding, marketing, boost productivity or using AI to make money online.

There are a lot of AI business ideas you can try if you prefer to be your own boss rather than working for somebody else!

So, there you have it – your squad of AI cover letter writing sidekicks!

Remember, these tools are here to assist, not replace, your own writing skills.

Personalize the generated text, add your unique flair, and let your personality shine through.

Now go forth and conquer your dream job with those applications!

But before you do, one last question: which AI writing partner will help you craft your cover letter masterpiece?


What is the free AI cover letter generator?

Certainly! Wonsulting Cover Letter AI, LazyApply and ChatGPT offer free versions with basic features. Give them a try to get a feel for the magic.

Does Microsoft Word have AI cover letter generator?

While Microsoft Word offers cover letter templates, it’s not an AI writer. For that extra flair, you must explore the wonders of dedicated AI cover letter generators on the list.

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