20 Best AI Design Software To Create Killer Arts In Seconds!

These AI design software will help you create amazing arts in seconds!
best ai design software

Looking for the best AI design software that will save you time and money spent for designers that work like a snail? 

I got you! whether you are an entrepreneur looking for the cheaper replacement for your design staff or a designer who are looking to utilize AI design software to create killer design within minutes, I guarantee that AI tools will help you achieve your goals.

However, embarking on the journey of finding the perfect AI design software can be a daunting task, given the myriad options flooding the market daily. 

That’s why I created this guide for you, as a fellow designer and solopreneur!

Yes, with my background as an interior designer, I can help you scan the AI Design software market and give you the one that I think best for our clients and brands.

Brace yourself as we dive into the realm of AI design software, exploring the ins and outs of the best AI design software that have caught my eye through personal exploration.

Quick Summary For The Best AI Design Software

Here are my list and recommendation of the best AI design software based on each category.

  • Best AI outdoor garden generator – iScape
  • Best AI interior designers – REImagine
  • Best AI photorealistic arts – Midjourney 
  • Best Free AI customized image – Leonardo AI 
  • Best AI design generative fill – Adobe Firefly 
  • Best overall AI image generation – DALL-E3
  • Best AI product photoshoots – Magic Studio 
  • Best AI image enhancer – Let’s Enhance
  • Best AI design for color palette – Khroma
  • Best AI for website design – Durable 

What Is AI Design Software?

To explain about AI Design software, I will need you to imagine a tool that not only understands your design needs but also integrates the intelligence of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms into your visual design process. 

These tools are game-changers, offering features like design automation, intelligent recommendations, personalized user experiences, and even integration with other design tools. 

As if that’s not enough, some tools even provide resources for training the AI and capabilities for data analysis to inform future designs. 

Talk about a powerhouse!

Well, but do you believe AI design software will be able to replace designers in the future? you might asked.

In my opinion, it will not replace designers, but it will serve as the best assistant for designers to create killer arts within seconds! 

AI design software is only work as great as the prompter, the one that command and operates it.

So, Fear Not! Designers will not losing their job, they will just changing their job, from design workers into design prompters.

In the future, AI will perform the repetitive laborious tasks and help people focus on other important things.

No doubt we saw a huge spike in demand for AI integrations in the workplace since 2020.

In fact, experts predict that AI software market will reach $791.5 billion in revenue in 2025.

So the question is no longer whether I will or will not using AI, but whether I will use it or be left behind!

My List Of The Best AI Design Software

After scanning a bunch of AI tools, from AI for small business, employee CV builder, social media, real estate, interior design and productivity, here are my list of the best AI Design software.

1. iScape - Michelin chef of AI gardens

ai design software

iScape AI is a landscape design software that uses augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help you visualize how it looks when it’s done. 

It allows you to overlay design features and elements on a still image, and also immersive AI function that renders the garden in real-time as you walk and add features. 

The app’s drag and drop interface is amazing, makes design feels very easy and you see your design real time!

If you are a designers, I do think iScape is the best in terms of facilitating presentations and show them the concept and design draft real time. 

2. REImagine - Personal Interior Designer

ai real estate tools

REimagine Home is an AI interior design tool that generates personalized design concepts and inspiration to redesign homes, both indoors and outdoors.

It has AI virtual staging features which help you visualize your home with new various design options.

Whether you are a homeowners or interior designer, this tools will help you create beautiful and functional spaces.

3. Midjourney - Best for generating photorealistic images

AI for small business

If you’ve done some research on AI arts or AI image generators, you’ve probably heard of Midjourney. 

This powerhouse offers a default aesthetic that’s hard to beat. 

Create polished artwork with simple text commands on Discord, and if you ever get stuck, the Midjourney bot is there to rescue you. 

Four image variations, image zooming tools, and a favorites gallery – Midjourney is your artistic companion in the digital realm.

I personally used it and I think it is the best AI design software tools for graphic designers.

4. Leonardo AI - Best for generating Sharp Customized images

midjourney alternatives

Leonardo AI is a generative AI design software that will generates all kinds of arts you need, whether it is animation, photorealistic image or sketch real time.

All you need to do is just to type the prompt clearly and this AI art tools will makes the job done.

This AI design tools is known for its ability to create high-quality visuals with lighting speed.

The best part is that it gives you a certain number of credit each day, so you don’t need to pay to use this AI tools.

5. Canva: Design Freedom in Your Hands

AI marketing tools

In the design world, Canva needs no introduction. 

This free platform is a haven for design enthusiasts, now equipped with a text-to-image generator. 

Improve image resolution, fix focus and lighting, remove backgrounds – Canva’s got your back. 

Real-time collaboration, pre-made styles, and brand kits for customization make it a go-to for designers seeking both ease and creativity.

The best part is that it also integrates the remove background image functions which makes it easy for you to delete the whole background and replace it with your preference background.

6. Adobe Firefly - Igniting Creativity with Generative Fill

midjourney alternatives

Adobe Firefly steps into the spotlight with its generative fill feature. 

This tool allows you to manipulate specific sections in a photograph, intelligently imagining what the intended scene would look like and filling in with relevant content. 

This AI design software provides context-aware generation and ensure high-quality results, which is perfect for creators.

7. AutoDraw: Effortless Drawing with AI Assistance

ai design software

AutoDraw, a web-based AI-powered drawing tool, makes drawing accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 

Created by Google Creative Lab, it pairs machine learning with drawings from various artists, providing suggestions to enhance your artwork. 

8. Galileo AI: Crafting UI Designs Like a Pro

ai design software

Launched in 2022, Galileo AI is reshaping UI design.

Trained on thousands of exceptional designs, it simplifies UI creation with just a text description.

Galileo AI offers end-to-end interface designs, making it a tool worth keeping an eye on for design aficionados.

9. DreamStudio: Where Dreams Turn Into Art

ai design software

DreamStudio, brought to you by Stability AI, is your go-to AI design tool for creating stunning artwork. 

Just throw in your prompt or upload an image, choose your style and size, and voila! It works its magic, generating multiple variations of your vision. 

With an infinite workspace editor, image resolution adjustment, and API integration, this tool is a dream come true for any artist or designer.

10. Jasper - Artistic Brilliance Unleashed

AI marketing tools

Jasper is well known in the realm of content writing and copywriting. 

However, they also have an AI art generation features that allow you to bring your design ideas to life. 

Whether you need a 3D render style, an oil painting medium, or a Pixar artist look, Jasper’s got you covered. 

With a trainable engine, 30+ language capabilities, and a focus on safety and privacy, this AI company will help you generate copyright-free content, all while keeping your creative juices flowing.

11. DALL-E3: The Art of Image Generation

ai design software

Remember DALL·E? 

OpenAI took it up a notch with DALL·E 3, producing even more accurate and realistic images.

From Inpainting for fine adjustments to Outpainting for expanding compositions, this tool is a playground for creative minds.

12. Magic Studio - Crafting Stunning Product Photoshoots

ai design software

Magic Studio takes the hassle out of orchestrating a photoshoot, making it ideal for ecommerce business owners. 

With features like Canvas and Magic Eraser, Magic Studio can replace your product background with captivating scenes effortlessly. 

Its image enhancement features and robust background eraser make it a cost-effective solution for product photos, ad creatives, and social media posts.

13. Let’s Enhance: Elevating Image Quality with AI

ai design software

Let’s Enhance, an image enhancer and upscaler, tackles the challenges of user-generated content and small AI image generative content.

With cutting-edge algorithms, it upscales images up to 16 times without compromising quality. 

This AI tools is perfect for cleansing images, resizing logos, and adjusting tones.

14. Designs.ai - Streamlining Social Media Post Creation

ai design software

In a world dominated by short attention spans on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, 

Designs AI steps in to make social media post creation a breeze. 

The Designmaker tool allows you to create aesthetically pleasing social media posts by generating thousands of variations based on your brand information. 

With its intuitive mockup maker and the ability to apply your unique brand style, this AI tools is a go-to for creating catchy social media content.

15. Looka - Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity

ai design software

Looka focuses on making design accessible to everyone, offering a robust logo maker and a brand kit featuring 300+ customized templates. 

The brand kit, tailored specifically to your brand, makes it easy to create marketing collateral like letterheads, banners, and brochures. 

While it may have limited customization options, Looka’s export options makes it a reliable choice for establishing a cohesive brand identity.

16. Fronty: AI-Powered Web Design Revolution

ai design software

Fronty introduces a revolutionary way of creating websites by using AI to generate source codes based on user-uploaded images. 

With over two decades of front-end experience, it’s equipped with an online UI editor for easy modifications. 

Fronty provides clean, speed-optimized, and accessible codes for a seamless web design experience.

17. Flair - Best AI Design Software For Products Photoshoots

ai design software

For Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) photoshoots, Flair takes the stage. 

This intuitive tool prompts you to upload an image of your product, describe a scene, and then customizes the generated image to your liking. 

With its semantics-rich design and intuitive UI, Flair allows you to create digital photoshoots with various elements, adding a touch of flair to your product presentations.

18. Deep Art Effects: Transforming Designs into Art

ai design software

Deep Art Effects, an AI-based image processing tool, turns your designs into works of art with a single click. 

With over 120 art styles and partners like Samsung and Huawei, it refines images, offering editing options for background, foreground, and artistic styles. 

While processing time may vary, the intuitive interface makes art creation a breeze.

19. Khroma - Simplifying Color Palette Choices

ai design software

Color is a psychological design element, and Khroma is here to make sure you get it right. 

This AI color palette generator, trained on human-made palettes, helps you narrow down the perfect shades. 

With an infinite scroll UI and a continuously learning AI model, Khroma suggests infinite color combinations, making it an invaluable resource for designers looking to strike the right balance in their color choices.

20. Durable - Streamlined AI Website Creation

AI Tools to make money

Durable steps into the spotlight with its aim to democratize entrepreneurship by providing easy-to-use AI website creation tools. 

In just 30 seconds, Durable allows you to build a website without delving into the intricacies of HTML and CSS. 

With features like analytics, domain management, and a plethora of customization options, Durable is an easy, swift and quick solutions!


So there you have it – a sneak peek into my list for the best AI design software you can use to save up time, boost your performance and reduce cost!

Whether you’re a seasoned designers or just someone who look for AI design software tools to help you do some creative tasks, these tools are here to make your journey smoother, more exciting, and undoubtedly more innovative. 

Embrace the future of creativity with your favorite AI design software and let’s see how far you can go with these AI tools!

Which one of these Ai design software you love the most?

Let me know in the comment sections below!

AI Design Software FAQs

Here are some common questions about AI design software.

Is AI used in graphic design?

Sure thing! So, in a nutshell, AI in graphic design makes your creativity runs wild because it will takes care of the nitty-gritty details while you focus on the bigger picture.

It’s like having a creative assistant that lets you focus on the fun and important parts!

What is AI design tool?

AI design software tools are like a cool tools that use machine learning magic to be your time-saving sidekick, give you creative ideas, or even just roll up their sleeves and get the job done for you.

What style of artwork can AI generate?

AI tools can create all sorts of artwork. You just give them a nudge with your ideas, and they go to town! These clever tools learn the ropes by checking out loads of visual stuff out there.

So, whether you’re into abstract vibes, keeping it real, rocking manga flair, going surreal, or diving into cubism – AI can churn out art in any style you fancy!

What is the best free AI designer?

I think the best free AI Art design software is Leonardo AI.

Does ChatGPT generate images?

Right now, ChatGPT doesn’t have the artistic touch for drawing or image-making. But their main company OpenAI (the cool folks behind ChatGPT) dropped a tool called DALL-E, an AI Art generative tools.

It’s like magic – you feed it text, and it whips up images like a creative wizard. So, while ChatGPT chats away, DALL-E is the go-to for turning words into awesome visuals!

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