12 AI Marketing Tools To Harness Your Greatness This Year!

Must-use AI Marketing tools for you
AI marketing tools

As businesses embrace digital transformation and scale their operations, the role of AI marketing tools becomes increasingly valuable.

Social data takes center stage in this transformative journey.

According to the 2023 State of Social Media Report, 97% of business leaders believe that AI and machine learning (ML) will revolutionize the analysis of social media data and enhancing overall marketing efforts.

Let’s take a deeper look at these tools!

AI Marketing Tools for Social Media

1. FeedHive - AI Social Media Management Excellence

AI marketing tools

Social media, a dynamic realm, benefits from AI social media management editors like FeedHive

This tool, equipped with AI and automation features, aids in content generation, recycling, posting, and monitoring.

2. Canva - Visual Brilliance Made Simple

AI marketing tools

Creating visually appealing social media content is streamlined with AI design tools like Canva.

With millions of templates and a Magic Design features, Canva enables marketers to focus on crafting resonant posts while handling the finer elements of graphic design effortlessly.

AI Marketing Tools for Copywriting

1. Jasper

AI marketing tools

Jasper leverages generative AI to accelerate content creation, offering templates for marketing content and an intuitive interface.

With 11,000 fonts, 2,500 categories, and support for 25 languages, Jasper is a versatile choice for marketers.

2. Clearscope

AI marketing tools

Ensuring content ranks high requires the expertise of AI SEO content optimization tools like Clearscope

This tool acts as an eagle-eyed editor and SEO-focused research assistant, providing insights to enhance content quality and outperform your competitors.

3. Surfer SEO

AI marketing tools

Surfer SEO focuses on improving content quality for better search engine rankings. 

It analyzes SERPs, evaluates keywords, and offers suggestions for optimizing content for SEO. 

The Content Planner dashboard aids in planning and optimizing content.

4. Grammarly - Polishing Content to Perfection

AI marketing tools

Post-creation, AI grammar checkers like Grammarly become invaluable for polishing content. 

Beyond spell and grammar checks, Grammarly’s generative AI feature, GrammarlyGO.

This AI identifies content gaps, offers improvement suggestions, and aids in content generation, ensuring a flawless final product.

AI Marketing Tools To Craft Visual Excellence


AI marketing tools

Visual assets play a crucial role in marketing, and AI image generators like DALL·E 3 have become essential.

DALL·E simplifies the creation of customizable, brand-specific images through easy prompts, making it a standout choice for marketers seeking efficiency without compromising creativity.

2. Descript

AI marketing tools

AI extends its reach to video creation with tools like Descript

This AI video generator simplifies the editing process by allowing users to edit videos through transcript editing. 

Its user-friendly interface and integration capabilities make it a top choice for quick video creation and collaborative efforts.

3. Adobe Photoshop

AI marketing tools

While AI image generators lay the foundation, an AI photo editor like Adobe Photoshop takes visual content to the next level.

Photoshop’s advanced features, including the ability to seamlessly replace objects in images, make it a powerhouse for refining AI-generated content or crafting original designs.

AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves multiple facets, and AI tools are here to assist with targeted emailing, campaign management, and conversion rate optimization:

1. Seventh Sense

AI marketing tools

Seventh Sense addresses the perpetual challenge of determining the best timing for email campaigns.

By utilizing behavioral profiling, this AI-based platform connects with HubSpot and Marketo to establish the optimal send-time and email frequency for each contact, significantly increasing open rates and engagement.

2. Optimove

AI marketing tools

Optimove, a customer data platform, provides insights into customer behavior, campaign performance, hyper-segmentation, A/B testing, and multi-channel tracking.

It aids in decision-making regarding campaign adjustments.

AI Marketing Tools for Brand Monitoring

1. Brand24

AI marketing tools

Brand24 is social media monitoring tool powered by AI for tracking online conversations about brands, competitors, and industries.

For digital marketers promoting small to midsize businesses, this AI marketing tools offers a great analytics and a clean user interface that’s easy to understand and to use even by newbies.

These AI marketing tools cover various facets of marketing, from email campaigns and content creation to customer engagement and competitive analysis.

I believe these list of the Best AI Marketing tools in each categories will be able to help you harness your greatness this year!

Which of these AI Marketing tools you love the most?

Have you use any of these AI Marketing tools?

Let me know in the comment sections below!

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