6 Best AI Real Estate Tools You Need To Utilize This Year!

These AI Real Estate tools will help you increase your ROI!
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In the ever-evolving technology where we are in, industries across the board are experiencing a transformational shift after AI release, and real estate is no exception. There are a lot of AI real estate solutions to help you makes your life easier.  

From revolutionizing lead generation to predicting market trends, AI tools are reshaping the way we navigate the property market.

AI Real Estate Solutions

I can’t believe how fast our technology and world changes.

Today, almost every people, from employee to business of all size, whether it’s a small business or a huge corporation start integrating AI in the workplace.

Real estate is no exception, professionals are also integrating AI into their business. 

The digital winds of change have blown away the conventional, making room for a new era where AI isn’t just a buzzword but a bona fide ally in the pursuit of property dreams. 

Here are some of the best AI real estate solutions that’s currently available. 

1. Getfloorplan (Floor Plan Generator)

ai real estate tools

Want to turn a 2D floor plan into an interactive 3D tour? Getfloorplan is the answer. 

Getfloorplan AI is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate 2D and 3D floor plans as well as 360° virtual tours.

It allows you to easily create detailed floor plans and virtual tours by just uploading a floor plan or sketch.

The AI will automatically generates the 2D and 3D assets from your uploaded files.

All you need to do is just to wait and see the result and reviews it.

This AI is available on all devices and offers fast processing of up to 1,000 renders daily.

As interior designer, it is perfect for me, for contractors, clients as well as real estate agents.

For as low as $15 for your first generation, you can bring your property to life before the photoshoot.


  • Time and cost savings
    You can create 2D and 3D floor plans and 360° virtual tours quickly and efficiently
  • Customizability and flexibility
    It offers different design styles which allow you to tailor your preferences.
  • Fast processing
    This AIcan generate up to 1,000 renders daily
  • Multi-device compatibility
    Accessible on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, making it very convenient.


  • May not be able to handle complex or irregular floor plans accurately.
  • May not be able to capture the exact details or features of the property.
  • May not be able to customize the materials according to your preferences or feedback

2. REImagine (AI Staging App)

ai real estate tools

Staging a property has never been this easy. 

This nifty platform dishes out personalized design concepts and inspiration at the snap of a finger, thanks to its generative AI. 

It’s not just for professional interior designers – real estate agents and homeowners can jump on the creative bandwagon too.

REImagine allows you to virtually renovate any room through AI, including your landscape design.

The AI Interior Designer in REimagineHome is like your design genie, taking into account things like room space, design vibes, and color preferences to whip up customized interior designs that suit your taste. 

It’s all about making the process quick and breezy, giving you beautiful and personalized living spaces without the headache.

What makes REimagineHome stand out is its advanced features and user-friendly interface. 

No need to hire a 3d artist – it’s all done digitally, instantly. And did I mention it’s free to try?


  • Generate personalized design concepts based on your preferences and instructions.
  • Redesign both furnished and unfurnished spaces, as well as exterior spaces and patios.
  • Show you inspiring designs in seconds, without requiring any professional skills or software.
  • Help you visualize how your home would look like with different styles, colors, and furniture.
  • Save you time and money by allowing you to try different options before making any changes.


  • May not be able to replace the human touch and creativity of a professional designers.

3. Placer AI (Smart Property Analysis)

ai real estate tools

Commercial real estate enthusiasts, this one’s for you. 

Placer AI dives deep into location data and foot traffic, helping you understand your audience and make informed decisions. 

This AI Real estate tools is like a GPS for businesses, offering a location intelligence analytics platform that spills the beans on foot traffic, customer types, and what the competition is up to. 

It’s not just data – it’s your guide to discovering fresh opportunities and making savvy decisions.

So, if you plan to buy a property or just to understand the demographics in certain areas, Placer AI is your secret weapon.


  1. Comprehensive Insights: The platform provides detailed foot traffic counts, dwell time analysis, and customer segment understanding, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and discover new opportunities.
  2. Location Intelligence: Placer AI leverages accurate property-level polygons and de-identified panels to provide location intelligence, facilitating constructive assessment of businesses’ spread across a market and revenue potential.


  1. A little complicated to use: you might experience a little bit of hardship when first using this platform.

4. ZipSmart (Real Estate Price Forecasting)

ai real estate solution

Predicting the future of property prices? ZipSmart does exactly that. 

Picture Zipsmart AI as the superhero of real estate data – it’s this super cool tool that helps real estate pros see into the future (kind of).

It’s got this bag of tricks, like predicting trends, analyzing historical data, checking out crime rates, and even giving you the guidance on when to buy or sell.

Whether you’re a homeowner or an investor, this tool provides invaluable insights for just $17 a month after a free trial.


  • Offers a wide range of features such as predictive analytics and zip code analysis.
  • Provides valuable insights for real estate professionals to make informed decisions.
  • Offers a Smart Targeting product that allows for automated marketing.


  • Considered pricey compare to others
  • Non-exclusive leads, long nurture, and conversion time

5. HomeByte (Smart Home Search)

ai real estate solution

Imagine an AI assistant that not only helps you find your dream home but also gives you a virtual neighborhood tour. 

HomeByte does just that. 

This AI real estate tools is like a superhero for anyone diving into the home-buying adventure.

It’s here to make the whole process a breeze – easier, faster, and won’t break the bank!

You can hunt for your dream home based on all sorts of things that matter to you. It’s like having a personalized search engine just for homes, complete with exclusive info and analysis.

And guess what? You don’t have to commit to buying right away.

You are free to explore, reducing stress and opening up more options for you.

It’s also so easy to use that you can create your dream home with just a few taps on your phone.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time buyer, HomeByte AI is your trusty sidekick, making home dreams come true with the magic of AI real estate.

Just take the Home Matcher quiz, explore your potential new neighborhood, and use AI image generators to restyle rooms, all for free.


  • Advanced home search features, such as DRIVETV, News Feed, and Neighborhood Guides, to help users find their dream home more efficiently.
  • Delays the full commitment of buying a home, providing people with freedom to explore.
  • Allows buyers to move into their future homes without a large down payment.


  • Not available in all cities, very limited.

6. Epique AI (AI Tools for Real Estate Agents)

ai real estate

Epique AI is like a high-tech wizard for real estate pros, bringing the unlimited power to the table.

This nifty tool is packed with features to make life easier for real estate professionals.

Imagine having your own personal writing assistant – that’s what Epique AI offers.

It can whip up blog posts, craft property descriptions, and even draft catchy email campaigns and Instagram quotes.

But it doesn’t stop there.

This AI Real Estate solutions goes above and beyond by providing transaction help through its Transaction AI feature, offering forms and guidance to make the real estate transaction process smoother.

Here’s the cherry on top – Epique AI is the first AI Certified Brokerage.

In a nutshell, Epique AI isn’t just another tool; it’s a powerhouse for real estate professionals. 

And yes, they have AI agents for broker advice and legal support – exclusive perks for brokerage members.


  • Offers a wide range of services, including generating real estate blog posts, property descriptions, email campaigns, Instagram quotes, and providing broker advice and legal assistance.
  • Provides transaction help AI and legal AI features to assist realtors in the transaction process and offer comprehensive state law regulations aid.


  • Limited information about accessibility.

Benefits of AI Real Estate Solution

You might ask, “Why bother with AI tools in real estate?”

Let me break it down the benefits of using AI Real Estate solution:

  • Effortless Home Staging: REImagine lets you stage properties with a few clicks.
  • Strategic Renovation Planning: Plan renovations before selling with AI assistance.
  • Perfect Timing for Transactions: ZipSmart predicts market trends, guiding you on when to buy or sell.
  • Business Growth: Epique AI helps real estate agents with lead generation and content creation.
  • Immersive Virtual Tours: Getfloorplan generates 3D tours from 2D plans.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Access powerful data analysis for smarter choices.


Exciting times are ahead in the real estate realm as AI continues to evolve. 

Whether you’re a seasoned agent or a first-time homebuyer, integrating these tools can redefine your real estate experience. 

As we enter into the realms of AI real estate solution, one can’t help but wonder – how will this digital evolution reshape our homes and businesses?

The stage is set, the AI Real Estate solution tools are at our disposal, and the question that lingers is: Will you seize the reins of this AI revolution and redefine your real estate narrative?

FAQ about AI Real Estate Solutions

Which AI Real Estate Tools Can Predict Market Trends?

ZipSmart is like your crystal ball for the real estate market.

This AI is able to predict when prices are going to make their moves.

So, whether you’re looking to buy low or sell high, ZipSmart’s got your back, helping you make those savvy decisions at just the right time.

It’s like having a smart friend who knows the future of the real estate market and shares the secrets with you. Cool, right?

What's the Best AI tools for real estate agents?

There are some awesome apps out there that can make your life a whole lot easier. 

  • First off, there’s REImagine, which helps you jazz up a property by creating new layouts and interior designs right on your existing photos.
  • Second, there’s Getfloorplan, the wizard that turns 2D floor plans into fancy 3D layouts and virtual tours.
  • Third, Epique AI help you grow your business with AI writing and idea generators to give your business a reach boost.
  • Last but not least, ZipSmart is like your real estate crystal ball to help you predict those sneaky price changes, so you can make smart moves at just the right time.

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