18 Best AI Tools For Interior Design You Must Try!

These AI tools for Interior Design will revolutionize the way you design your home!
ai tools for interior design

Ever felt the itch to redesign your living space or tackle a home project? With the advent of cutting-edge AI Tools For Interior Design, the process has become not just easier but downright exciting.

Whether you are an interior designer or just someone who would love to have a personal interior designer for your personal needs, these AI tools for interior design will help you design whatever room you need.

Let’s explore my list of the best AI Tools for interior design that cater to everyone from interior designers to DIY enthusiasts.

1. Designedbyai.io

ai tools for interior design

Designedbyai.io isn’t just a platform; it’s your creative playground. 

With generative AI features and personalized services, this user-friendly tool transforms your interior and architectural ideas into stunning, realistic images.

From backyard improvements, bathroom remodels to extensive facade designs – this AI tools got you covered.

Whether you are planning to transform your interior, exterior or landscape areas, this tools will give you a unique and stunning designs in no time.

2. Interior AI

ai tools for interior design

Ever wanted a virtual design genie? Interior AI comes close! 

Detecting room details and generating ideas in styles ranging from Modern to Halloween, this tool is your go-to for inspiration and virtual staging.

3. ArchitectGPT

ai tools for interior design

ArchitectGPT is AI design tool that turns your photos into visual masterpieces. 

With a range of design themes and a user-friendly interface, customization becomes a breeze.

4. Getfloorplan

ai tools for interior design

Need detailed floor plans in a flash? Getfloorplan’s AI tools delivers just that. 

Upload your plan, and within 30 minutes, you get a comprehensive package, complete with rotating, researching, and navigating tools.

5. AI Room Planner

ai tools for interior design

For those seeking a style switch, AI Room Planner is your sidekick. 

Upload a photo, and voila! 

The tool renders your space in a different style, offering 16 options, from Christmas to Cyberpunk.

6. Dreamhouse AI

ai tools for interior design

Dreamhouse AI isn’t just a tool; it’s a design companion. 

Explore, personalize, and enjoy a free trial with 10 distinct interior design ideas. Your space, your rules!

7. Decor AI

ai tools for interior design

Looking for decorating inspiration? Decor AI has your back. 

Snap a photo, and get up to five free design ideas—quick, simple, and free to use.

8. ArchitectAI

ai tools for interior design

Meet the trailblazer—ArchitectAI

The world’s first AI architecture and interior design tool, transforming your photos and sketches with a single click with over 400 design styles at your fingertips!

9. RoomsGPT

ai tools for interior design

Discover the user-friendly charm of RoomsGPT, catering to budding design enthusiasts seeking visual inspiration. 

Uncover its strengths and understand the nuances of its free version.

10. Decorilla

ai tools for interior design

Meet the innovative Decorilla, a marriage of traditional interior design and AI. 

Learn how it provides homeowners with comprehensive design schemes and realistic AI renderings at a discounted rate.

11. Foyr Neo

ai tools for interior design

Tailored for design pros and amateur enthusiasts, Foyr Neo integrates design programs and AI to create a streamlined, user-friendly design interface.

Explore its features, pricing, and the target audience.

12. Spacely AI

ai tools for interior design

Spacely AI takes the lead with its intuitive design tool that allows you to fine-tune your generated images until they match your vision perfectly. 

The app boasts high-quality renders and offers a variety of pre-loaded styles. 

From traditional Japanese inns to Y2K vibes, the possibilities are vast. 

13. RoomDeco

ai tools for interior design

Don’t be fooled by RoomDeco’s simple interface; it packs a punch when it comes to generating unique styles. 

With themes like “Christmas” and “Vampire’s Lair,” you can add a playful flair to your designs. 

While renders may be a bit messy, the speed and creative options make it a compelling choice.

14. Gepetto

ai tools for interior design

Gepetto stands out for its simplicity combined with powerful options. 

Offering over 30 room styles and the ability to adjust AI creativity levels, Gepetto makes the process easy and fun. 

In addition, there’s a free account option which is a great starting point for those looking to experiment with styles.

15. Visualize AI

ai tools for interior design

For professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, Visualize AI shines with its ability to generate architectural designs, interior designs, and even products like furniture. 

Upload sketches or plans, and explore detailed designs. 

16. DecorMatters

ai tools for interior design

DecorMatters brings a fresh perspective by turning interior design into a game. 

Earn coins by participating in challenges, visualize items in your space through augmented reality, and even host design events. 

Perfect for those looking for a playful, community-driven approach.

17. Homestyler

ai tools for interior design

Homestyler isn’t just an AI app; it’s a comprehensive interior design tool. 

From AI Designer features to floor plans, virtual tours, and 3D designs, it caters to both amateurs and professionals. 

18. REImagine Home

ai real estate tools

REImagine Home takes a versatile approach by handling not only indoor spaces but also outdoor landscape areas like backyards and pools

With features like “Surprise me” mode, it quickly generates ideas based on it’s creativity.

As we wrap up our journey through these AI wonders, remember that each tool has its unique strengths as well as weakness. 

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a homeowner looking for inspiration, these AI interior design tools open up a world of possibilities. 

However, don’t be concern or even worry that AI tools for interior design will replace Interior designers because they can’t explain everything to the contractor that will build the chosen design.

Feel free to dive in, experiment, and redefine your space with the magic of AI tools for interior design. 

Get inspired and show your client how quick you can delivers result for their need!

Which one of these AI tools for interior design you love the most?

Let me know in the comment sections below!

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FAQ about AI Interior Design Tools

What is an AI interior design tool?

AI tools for interior design will render interior designs based on your input.

Just upload a photo of your room and select the style.

Then, it’ll render a new image of your room with new design elements in the chosen style.

Can AI Replace Interior Designers?

Short answer: No way! 

While AI tools can whip up fantastic ideas, they can’t replace the discerning eye and trend-savvy judgment of a human designer. 

In addition, they can’t physically put the furniture together with specifics dimension or go on a shopping spree for you.

Can AI Design My Room?

Absolutely! You can find inspiration using these AI tools for interior design which is much cheaper than paying a full time interior designer! 

What are the best free AI interior design tools?

If you are on a budget, REImagine takes the spotlight, because you will only pay for the images you choose.

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