20 Best AI Tools For Students You Must Try!

These AI tools for students will revolutionize education industry and the way students study!
AI Tools For Students

Curious about the buzz surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education? After some research I found some AI Tools for students that will boost students learning efficiency and productivity!

Let’s dive in and explore some of the best AI tools for student that will is transforming the way students do their homework as well as revolutionize the education landscape.

AI Tools for Students

If you are not the brightest bird on the crowd, then you better be happy because these AI tools can turn your academic life around. 

Ever heard of Grammarly? How about Notion? Get ready to meet these game-changers and others like Syntea, DALL-E, Canva, Chat-GPT, Tutor.ai and others. 

Each has its superpower, from enhancing your writing skills to help you create amazing arts like picasso.

Let’s take a look at these AI tools for students.

1. Grammarly: Writing Enhancement

AI Tools For Students

Let’s kick things off with everyone’s favorite grammar guru – Grammarly! 

This AI writing assistant is your secret weapon for acing essays, term papers, and all things written. 

From correcting your grammar to detecting plagiarism, it ensures your writing is not just error-free but also impactful.

It’s like having your own personal writing coach!

2. Plaito: AI Tutoring Sessions

Plaito AI Tools For Students

Plaito isn’t your average tutor; it’s an AI coach for writing, debating, and teamwork. 

From Homework Help to language learning in a game-like format, Plaito personalizes tutoring sessions. 

With a coin system, free plans, and outcome-driven assignments, Plaito is making education not just informative but engaging.

3. Notion: All-in-One Workspace

notion AI Tools For Students

Ever felt like your study life needed a makeover? Notion is your all-in-one workspace that’s here to revolutionize how you organize and manage tasks, notes, and projects. 

From creating to-do lists to taking class notes and collaborating with classmates, Notion is your go-to platform for staying on top of your game throughout your studies. 

It’s the ultimate multitasking companion!

4. Fetchy: Productivity Tools for Educators

Fetchy AI Tools For Students

With over 50 productivity tools, Fetchy is here to make educators’ lives easier. 

From simplifying lesson planning to offering expert advice and support, Fetchy ensures teachers can focus on the heart of education. 

It’s not just a tool; it’s a companion in the journey of knowledge dissemination.

5. Syntea: Cutting-Edge AI Teaching Assistant

syntea AI Tools For Students

Say hello to the future of online education with Syntea, the cutting-edge AI teaching assistant developed by IU International University of Applied Sciences. 

This AI is offering you a groundbreaking development in online learning. 

With Syntea, you’re not just studying – you’re optimizing your learning journey to match your needs, thanks to its innovative features like instant Q&A and pre-assessment. 

Get ready to learn smarter, not harder!

6. Consensus: Your AI Fact-Checker

Consensus AI Tools For Students

Worried about AI’s tendency to spread misinformation? Consensus has your back. 

This AI tool doesn’t just answer questions; it backs them up with evidence. 

Fast access to scientific research, an extensive database, and plans catering to every user—Consensus is shaping up to be the go-to AI fact-checker for students and educators alike.

7. Gradescope: Streamlining Grading Processes

Gradescope AI Tools For Students

Grading assignments just got a turbo boost with Gradescope. 

This school management software doesn’t just read text; it tackles mathematical equations like a pro. 

AI-grading, Assisted Answer Groups, and insights into student performance providing instructors with detailed rubrics.

No more grading nightmares!—it’s a teacher’s grading dream come true.

8. Chat-GPT: Your Personal AI Tutor

what is openai chatgpt

Meet the rockstar of AI chatbots – Chat-GPT! 

Developed by Open AI, this game-changing web application isn’t just one of the best AI tools for students; it’s a must-have for everyone. 

Imagine having a chatbot that simulates human-like conversations and answers your burning questions on a wide range of topics. 

Chat-GPT is your go-to for instant answers, clarifications on complex concepts, and even interactive study sessions. 

It’s like having a study buddy available 24/7!

9. Quillbot: Your Personal Writing Assistant

QuillBot AI Tools For Students

Need a second pair of eyes on your essays? Quillbot’s got your back! 

This AI writing tool refines your content, suggests alternative phrasing, and takes your writing game to the next level.

10. Tutor.ai: Connecting Students with Tutors

tutor AI Tools For Students

Tutor.ai is your AI tutoring platform that connects students with qualified tutors. 

Schedule virtual tutoring sessions, receive personalized assistance, and conquer those challenging subjects or assignments. 

11. Fotor: Your Digital Canvas for Artistic Exploration

midjourney alternatives

Art enthusiasts, rejoice! 

Fotor is your digital canvas powered by AI. 

Give it a text prompt, and watch it transform your words into stunning artwork. 

Perfect for those moments when inspiration strikes, but you need a little artistic nudge.

12. Canva: Harnessing AI for Personalized and Intuitive Design Experience

AI marketing tools

Students who love arts or dream to be a designer, this one’s for you. 

Canva, the design maestro, gets even smarter with AI. 

It learns your style, suggests personalized templates, and makes the design process feel like a breeze. 

Say hello to visually stunning projects without the headache.

13. Otter.ai: Handy Transcription Tool

Otter AI Tools For Students

Lectures, interviews, class discussions – Otter.ai has got your back when it comes to turning spoken words into written text. 

This handy transcription tool makes reviewing and searching through recorded audio files a breeze. 

It isn’t just your average note-taking tool; it’s your transcription wizard that will transcribes meetings and classes in real-time. 

If you’re a student looking to optimize your study habits, Otter.ai is your go-to for efficient and organized study sessions.

Who needs a notepad when you have Otter?

Now you can focus on understanding, not frantic note-taking.

14. DALL-E: AI for Graphic Design

midjourney alternatives

Calling all aspiring graphic designers and visual arts enthusiasts! 

DALL-E, a version of the Open AI machine learning model, is here to take your creativity to new heights. 

Designed to generate images from textual descriptions, DALL-E can turn your imaginative prompts into unique and creative visuals. 

It’s not just an AI tool; it’s a canvas for your artistic expression!

15. Google Bard: Your Personal AI Assistant for Efficient Learning and Time Management

Google Bard, the wise AI chatbot, is your instant answer provider. 

Complex questions, efficient day planning, and lightning-fast information retrieval – it’s your go-to for staying on top of things.

16. Slidesgo: Revolutionizing Student Presentations with AI

slidesgo AI Tools For Students

Presentations just got a makeover! 

Slidesgo’s AI-powered templates turn the mundane into the extraordinary. 

Choose from a variety of designs, styles, and layouts, making your presentations visually captivating and unique.

17. Mendeley: Reference Management

mendeley AI Tools For Students

If organizing and annotating research papers and articles is your Achilles’ heel, Mendeley has the solution. 

This tools help you easily import and organize references, create citations, and collaborate with peers on research projects. 

Mendeley AI is your time-saving, citation-perfecting companion for managing research papers effectively.

18. Knowji: Vocabulary Mastery in Style

knowji AI Tools For Students

Say goodbye to dull vocabulary lessons; Knowji is here to make learning fun. 

With audio, visual elements, and a spacing repetition algorithm, Knowji ensures words stick. 

Multiple learning modes, customizable interfaces, and data-driven insights—Knowji transforms vocabulary retention into an engaging journey.

19. AudioPen.ai: Your Writing Genie

audiopen AI Tools For Students

Transform voice notes into polished text effortlessly with AudioPen AI. 

Whether you’re drafting papers or brainstorming ideas, this AI solution is your content creation secret weapon.

20. Stepwise Math: Personalized Learning for Mathematical Mastery

stepwise Best AI Tools For Students

Math haters, meet your new best friend. 

Stepwise Math uses AI to understand your struggles and guides you through personalized courses, assignments, and worksheets. 

Say goodbye to math-induced headaches.


Ready to supercharge your academic journey? 

These AI tools aren’t just tools; they’re your allies in conquering the challenges of student life. 

From refining your writing skills to connecting you with tutors and unleashing your creative side, these tools are here to make your educational experience not just efficient but downright enjoyable. 

Get ready to embrace the future of learning!

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