19 Best AI Tools For Video Editing You Must Try!

These AI tools for video editing will revolutionize the way you edit videos and level up your content!
ai tools for video editing

Video editing is more than just cutting clips together; it’s about telling a story that captivates your audience. In today’s age, the evolution of video editing has reached new heights as some AI tools for video editing emerge.

Let’s take a look into some of the best AI tools for video editing that are revolutionizing the industry.

Traditional vs AI Video Editing

Here are some difference between Traditional and AI video editing

1. Manual Processes in Traditional Editing

In the traditional realm of video editing, powerful tools like Adobe offer incredible features but come with a downside. 

It is repetitive and time-consuming which steal the creativity flows and taking away the fun of the creative process.

2. AI Tools Focus On Automation

AI transformed the game by automating tedious tasks, allowing creators to focus on the artistic side and also simply command AI tools to do what it need to do. 

The result? A quicker, smoother, more efficient workflow and higher quality content.

3. AI Optimize Workflow

In addition to automation, AI also optimizing your creative workflow. 

These AI tools can give multiple options within seconds and minutes of works, which is same like having a content creators assitance that’s ready to work 24/7 with all kinds of revision you need.

AI Video Editing Tools

Here are some of the best AI tools for video editing available in the marketplace.

1. Vrew: Video Editing Made Effortless

ai tools for video editing

Vrew is a revolutionary tool that turns video editing into a breeze. 

This software lets you edit videos by simply deleting auto-generated script text. 

Yes, you heard it right – a game-changer! Vrew’s innovative technology generates text from your videos, allowing you to edit your entire video with that text. 

And the best part? It’s absolutely free. Let’s clap for more AI tools like these, shall we?

2. Visla: Best for Turning a Script into a Video

ai tools for video editing

Visla excels at turning scripts into engaging videos.

With accurate AI video stock suggestions and a user-friendly text-based editing tool, it’s a straightforward yet powerful tool in your video creation arsenal.

3. Repurpose.io: Transforming Long-Form to Short-Form

ai tools for video editing

Repurposing content just got a whole lot easier with Repurpose.io.

Now, you can effortlessly transform your videos from platforms like YouTube and Facebook into more than 20 pieces of short-form content.

The possibilities are limitless!

By maximizing your video potential, you can ensure your message is heard loud and clear across different channels.

Who knew repurposing could be this fun and effective?

4. Opus Clip: Best for Create a Viral Repurpose Videos

ai tools for video editing

When time is of the essence, Opus Clip comes to the rescue.

It identifies viral moments, crafts short clips for various platforms, and takes care of all the nitty-gritty details.

This AI video editor simplifies the process of turning lengthy recordings into shareable viral clips.

Get noticed with captivating snippets effortlessly.

Perfect for those expanding your reach with less time.

5. CapCut: TikTok-Integrated AI Editing

ai tools for video editing

CapCut isn’t just an editing tool; it’s a TikTok-integrated powerhouse. Ideal for both novices and pros.

This tools offers some AI features like auto-captioning, text-to-speech, and script-to-video functionality. 

Your TikTok game just got an upgrade.

6. Peech: Best for Content Marketing Teams

ai tools for video editing

Peech will help you automatically brand your videos, detect faces, and create testimonials with ease.

A bit steep on pricing, but the time-saving features might just be worth it.

7. Pictory: Converting Scripts to Videos

ai tools for video editing

Transforming scripts into captivating videos has never been easier.

Pictory is your go-to for seamlessly converting written content into visually appealing videos.

It has some awesome features like auto captions, short clips and blog to videos for SEO optimization purposes.

Effortless, efficient, and effective.

8. Biteable: Quick Social Video Creation

ai tools for video editing

In the fast-paced world of social media, Biteable takes the stage.

This AI tool lets you whip up engaging social videos in a snap.

Choose your style, add a dash of creativity, and voila – your content is ready to shine.

9. Synthesia: Best for Using Digital Avatars

ai tools for video editing

For the camera-shy or those in need of multi-language support, Synthesia’s high-quality AI avatars are a blessing.

While not entirely perfect on large screens, they’re a great alternative when real faces aren’t an option.

This tool introduces multilingual AI avatars that bring your script to life in over 120 languages.

A global audience is now within reach, thanks to the power of AI avatars.

10. DeepBrain AI

ai tools for video editing

Deepbrain AI offers 70+ AI presenters for any unique narations, making education content videos a piece of cake.

Ready-to-use AI avatars and voice-overs are at your fingertips.

Supporting over 80 languages, this amazing platform even lets you convert PowerPoint presentations into videos.

11. D-ID: Best Personalized Videos Editing AI

ai tools for video editing

D-ID is a groundbreaking generative AI that empowers creators to craft personalized videos with talking avatars. 

You can make your own avatars just by upload your picture and this AI will automatically make your picture comes alive!

If you prefer to use your own voice, you can also upload your own voice and let this AI tool learn and create videos based on your picture and voice you uploaded.

This opens up new opportunities for shy creators to create a video with their own face and voice without the need to be in front of the camera themselves.

12. Vidyo.ai

ai tools for video editing

Short on time but want to make an impact? Vidyo is here to help. 

This powerful AI tool turns long video content into short, engaging clips effortlessly. 

It offers auto captioning, AI emojis and automatic video chapter for easy navigations.

Trim down your footage, add captions, music, and special effects – everything you need to make your videos go the extra mile.

13. Unscreen: Simplifying Background-Free Videos

ai tools for video editing

Remember the hassle of dealing with green screens? 

Unscreen changes the game by making background-free videos a walk in the park. 

Now, anyone can create professional-looking videos without the complexity of chroma keying. 

Say goodbye to greenscreens and hello to Unscreen!

14. Runway: Best for Experimenting with Generative AI

ai tools for video editing

With Runway ML, creativity knows no bounds. 

This innovative content creation suite combines over 30 AI magic tools. 

Real-time video editing and collaboration features allow you to bring your creative ideas to life seamlessly. 

Runway offers features like transforming existing footage into various styles and generating videos from text or images.

In addition, it’s text to color, face blurring, inpainting removal, scene detection to organize clips and super slow motion for detailed footage just makes creativity your playground.

For the creators seeking versatility, Runway is the answer.

15. Wondershare Filmora: Best for Polishing with AI Tools

ai tools for video editing

Filmora proves that age is just a number. 

With AI features like smart cutout, audio denoise, auto frame, silence detection and motion tracking, it’s a powerhouse for polishing your videos without a steep learning curve.

16. Topaz Labs: Enhancing Photo and Video Quality

ai tools for video editing

When it comes to quality, Topaz Labs stands out. 

Elevate your videos by enhancing their visual appeal. 

Perfect for professional video editors or anyone looking to make their content stand out in the crowd.

17. Fliki: Best for Producing Social Media Videos

ai tools for video editing

Fliki is your go-to tool for quick and effective social media content. 

With simple text-to-speech controls, customization options, and additional features for podcasting and audiobooks, it’s a versatile choice.

18. Descript: Best for Editing by Script

ai tools for video editing

Descript is not your average editor; it offers auto-transcription, text-to-speech, eye contact correction, and AI green screen, which is a game-changer for your video editing games. 

Edit seamlessly and efficiently with features designed to make your content shine.

it’s like editing a text document with intuitive controls and a variety of export options.

19. Adobe Premiere Pro: Professional-Grade Editing with AI

ai tools for video editing

For the professionals in the room, Adobe Premiere Pro is the go-to choice. 

Beyond the traditional editing suite, it integrates wonderful AI tools like morph cut, auto color corrections, auto transcribe, transcript-based editing, audio and video remix, and also scene edit detection. 

Talk about precision meets innovation!


In conclusion, the marriage of AI and video editing is a match made in creative heaven. 

As technology continues to evolve, these AI tools for video editing empower content creators to push boundaries, tell compelling stories, and make a lasting impact in the digital landscape. 

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting, exploring these AI video generators can unlock new possibilities and transform your creative process. 

It’s no longer a question whether or not we will use AI, but whether or not we’ll be left behind.

Embrace the change and learn these tools to help you keep up with the latest change, makes work life easier and let these tools work for you.

Which one of these AI tools for video editing you love the most?

Let me know in the comment sections below!

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