15 Best AI Travel Planner To Perfect Your Travel Adventures!

These AI travel planner are like a personal tour guide in your pocket.
AI Travel Planner

Ever felt that rush of excitement when the idea of a road trip comes to mind? The anticipation of new experiences and unforgettable moments is simply exhilarating. But, let’s face it – planning the perfect itinerary can be overwhelming. That’s when these AI travel planner tools steps in!

Having these AI travel planners are like having a super-organized, jet-setting genie in your pocket.

They analyze your preferences, budget, and travel style to craft personalized itineraries that go beyond the usual tourist traps.

But, with so many AI tools out there, it will be another overwhelming task to choose the best AI travel planner you can use!

I’ve embarked on a personal odyssey to test-drive some of the top AI travel planner tools that’s available out there and I plan to share my opinion with you so you can directly choose and use one of them.

Let’s get right into these AI travel planner!

What is an AI Travel Planner?

Imagine a tour guide and a travel agent who never sleeps. That’s your AI travel planner. 

It goes beyond conventional planning by using natural language processing and neural networks, the likes of ChatGPT

The result? An itinerary tailored to your desires, whether you’re into Michelin-starred dining or family-friendly adventures.

What is The Best AI Trip Planner

Here’s a list of the best AI travel planner tools based on category:

  • Most simple AI Travel Planner: Roam Around
  • Most diverse style of Travel Plan: Plantrips
  • Best for Complex Travel Plan: Traivl
  • Best for creating family itinerary: Skoot

1. Skoot: Family-Friendly Itineraries

AI Travel Planner

Family travel just got easier! Skoot creates kid-friendly itineraries packed with engaging activities and attractions that will keep the whole family entertained. 

Parents, relax! Skoota factors in nap times, meal breaks, and even bathroom stops. 

Happy kids, happy travel: Offers “offline mode” with pre-downloaded maps and activities, perfect for those inevitable Wi-Fi blackouts. 

Parental advisory: Limited adult-oriented activities and recommendations.

2. Wanderlust

AI Travel Planner

Whether you’re the super-detailed planner type or the go-with-the-flow adventurer, Wanderlust has your back.

You tell it your vibes – your preferences, interests, and what you’re dreaming of – and poof!

It cooks up a customized trip plan that’s all about you.

More than that, you can even use it offline for all your travel info needs.

3. Roadtrippers

AI Travel Planner s

Hit the open road with Roadtrippers, your ultimate road trip companion. 

Plan scenic routes, find quirky roadside attractions, and book unique accommodations along the way. 

Perfect for adventurers who love the freedom of the highway. 

Hit the gas: Offers curated themed road trips, like “National Parks Tour” or “Haunted Highway Hopping.” 

Watch the clock: Route planning can be time-consuming compared to other options.

4. Traivl: Multi-City Travel Plans

AI Travel Planner

If you’re planning to explore more than one city on your trip, Traivl AI is the perfect options ! 

Unlike the other apps I talked about earlier, Traivl lets you plan your journey across multiple cities. 

You get to customize your adventure by setting things like your budget (whether fancy or budget-friendly trip), deciding how much time you want to spend traveling each day, and even specifying the number of stops you want to make. 

It’s like having a personal travel assistant that tailors your trip just the way you want it.

5. PlanTrip: Single-Page Portal with Diverse Trip Itineraries

AI Travel Planner

Seeking a diverse range of trip itineraries on a single page? PlanTrip has you covered. 

This straightforward portal offers a variety of trip itineraries to inspire your next adventure. 

From serene cultural experiences to thrilling tourist attractions, each itinerary is meticulously crafted for your exploration. 

No complicated forms, just a simple click away from discovering your next journey.

6. Live The World - Maya AI

AI Travel Planner

Meet Maya, your AI travel partner from Live The World!

This travelog not only shares authentic stories from around the world but also introduces Maya to assist in creating personalized trip plans.

Chat with Maya, provide details about your chosen destination, budget, people joining you, and tentative dates.

In return, you’ll receive a detailed introduction to the place, complete with images and recommendations for hotels.

7. Tripbot with ChatGPT: Visual Appeal and Recommendations

AI Travel Planner

For those who appreciate visual appeal in their itineraries, Tripbot steps up to the plate.

This AI travel planner offers recommendations along with picturesque images of places and restaurants.

While the base plan provides text-based itineraries, the upgraded version, available with a paid membership, takes it a step further.

Get recommendations for transportation, restaurants, and stays, all presented in a visually engaging format.

8. AicoTravel: Trending Cities and Personalized Tour Plans

AI Travel Planner

Looking for the trendiest cities to explore? AicoTravel has got you covered. 

This AI travel planner not only suggests the hottest destinations but goes the extra mile by creating personalized tour plans based on your interests. 

Simply sign up, select your preferences like food, history, or shopping, and voila! 

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a customized itinerary delivered straight to your inbox.

9. Wonderplan: Filtering Preferences for Personalized Itineraries

AI Travel Planner

Wonderplan takes personalization to a whole new level. This AI travel planner filters your preferences, allowing you to tailor your itinerary to match your unique tastes.

Select your budget, the number of travelers, and your preferred activities, and let Wonderplan work its magic.

In just 1-2 minutes, you’ll have a travel itinerary that not only fits your budget but also aligns with your interests.

10. Roam Around

AI Travel Planner

Say goodbye to tedious sign-in processes! Roam Around is here to simplify your travel planning without the hassle of creating an account.

This AI is perfect for those seeking simplicity.

Just enter your destination, and within seconds, you’ll have a detailed itinerary covering morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime activities.

Convenience at its finest!

11. ChatGPT

what is openai chatgpt

ChatGPT is the OG in AI world, so you can expect this AI will be able to understand your unique preferences and create amazing travel experience for you.

Just make sure you prompt it the right way and engage in natural conversation just as if you are talking to your travel assistant.

In addition, ChatGPT streamlines the booking process by providing direct links and recommendations for flights, hotels, and activities.

Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating multiple websites – let this AI consolidates the information and simplifies the booking process for you.

12. Vacay Chatbot

AI Travel Planner

Vacay Chatbot is a cool AI travel assistant that helps you plan your trips by giving awesome recommendations based on your interests and style. 

You can chat with it, and it understands what you’re saying, making it feel like you’re talking to a real travel expert.

In addition to recommending places, they also help you plan your itinerary and give advice tailored to your preferences. 

They’re like your virtual travel buddies, suggesting cool destinations, accommodations, and unique experiences.

However, keep in mind that while Vacay Chatbot can be super helpful, it’s not perfect. 

It might struggle with really complicated requests, and sometimes it relies on external sites for booking, which can be a bit annoying. 

Also, like any AI tool, it’s not immune to glitches, so be cautious about the info it gives, as it could be outdated or not entirely accurate.

13. iPlan.ai

AI Travel Planner

iPlan AI is a super-smart travel planner that uses fancy artificial intelligence to whip up personalized itineraries for all sorts of trips. 

You just tell the app what you’re into – like why you’re traveling, your interests, who you’re going with, how long you’ll be away, and your budget – and bam! 

It spits out a custom itinerary in no time. 

And guess what? You can tweak the plan and even share it with your travel buddies.

In addition, it’s got real-time adjustments, lets you collaborate with your pals, and boasts a user-friendly vibe. 

Basically, it’s the ultimate time-saver for trip planning, making it a must-have for folks with all kinds of travel tastes. 

14. Curiosio: Specializing in Road Trip Itineraries and Personalization

AI Travel Planner

Road trip enthusiasts, this one’s for you! 

Curiosio specializes in generating road trip itineraries tailored to your preferences. 

Pick one of the twenty-four countries on their list, choose your destination, and hit the “Get Trip” button. 

This AI travel planner instantly creates sets of itineraries, allowing you to refine them further with additional filters. 

Moreover, it can create a multi-point trip plan based on your time and budget, while still consider the safest route for you.

Definitely one of the best free AI travel planner for multi-points road trip!

15. Tripnotes

AI Travel Planner

Tripnotes uses artificial intelligence to whip up personalized travel plans, like where you’re going, when, your budget, and what gets you excited.

Now, here’s the cool part – Tripnotes AI tags things automatically, maps out your journey, does the research grunt work, and even gives you real-time deets about your destination. 

Plus, it’s got the power to make reservations and book flights, hotels, and whatever else you need for your adventure.

Oh, did I mention it’s totally customizable? You can tweak things to fit your style. 

Best part? It’s all in one place – no more hunting around for scattered info.

Now, it’s free and good to help you plan your trip, however, i suggest you to double-check the recommendations and do a bit of research to ensure it’s accuracy.

Benefits of AI for Trip Planning

Here are some benefits of using AI trip planner.


AI trip planners are like wizards, swiftly analyzing vast amounts of travel data to uncover hidden gems and popular spots. 

Forget manual research – these tools save you time and effort.

Personalized Recommendations

Imagine a tool that understands your travel desires, tastes, and preferences. 

AI trip planners use machine learning to deliver tailored recommendations, making your journey uniquely yours.

Smart Optimization

With access to extensive datasets, AI trip planners suggest optimized routes and cost-effective options, factoring in variables like distance, traffic, and available transportation modes.

Real-time Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time updates. Tools like Tripnotes aim to provide instant notifications on gate changes, flight delays, and other disruptions, allowing you to adapt and minimize inconveniences.


In a nutshell, AI trip planner tools are the modern road trip companion you never knew you needed. 

They save time, offer personalized recommendations, and streamline the entire planning process. 

With options like Roam Around, ChatGPT, Vacay Chatbot, iPlan.ai, Curiosio, Tripnotes , and Wanderlust, the power is in your hands to choose the perfect tool for an enhanced road trip experience. 

AI is not just a trends, it’s here to stay and it’s totally up to us whether or not to utilize it and integrate it in our daily lifes.

Many solopreneur and small business start using AI tools to level up their social media, marketing, create killer arts and boost productivity.

So, are you ready to integrates AI in your travel adventure?

Which one of these AI travel planner you love the most? 

Let me know in the comment sections below!


Is there an AI tool that makes travel itineraries?

A lot! AI travel planner like Roam Around, Traivl, Tripnotes and Skoot creates a customized travel plan for you.

Is there a Free AI travel planner?

Most AI travel planner are free, yet some others might partner with travel company.

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