12 Quick Ways You Can Make Money With AI!

Here are some ways you can make money with AI!
make money with AI

Remember that childhood dream of owning a robot butler who folds your laundry, work for you and also give you money? The robot butler’s is here, and it is ready to help you make money with AI.

Instead of just serving tea and tucking you in, it’s shaking up industries and creating a brand new gold rush, one where the nuggets are made of data and the pickaxes are algorithms.

Intrigued? You should be.

The global AI market is projected to reach a staggering $1.3 trillion by 2028, and even the most mundane tasks are getting an AI makeover.

From writing killer marketing copy to predicting stock market trends, AI is the secret sauce everyone’s craving.

So, how do you, a mere mortal, tap into this digital cash register?

Worry not, future cyborg, for the ways to monetize your AI mojo are as diverse as the algorithms themselves.

Let’s see some ways you can make money with AI today!

Tools To Make Money With AI

Here are some AI tools you can try to make money with AI this year, make sure you check them out and see whether you can start exploit it for your advantage.

1. AI Design

midjourney alternatives

The easiest way to utilize AI is to sell design services on sites like Fiverr.

These services could include any arts design, interior design and even UI/UX design.

You can use AI tools like Remodeld, Midjourney or other midjourney alternatives that can create amazing Arts results.

2. Print On Demand

make money with AI

You can use Midjourney or Leonardo AI to create an amazing arts that you can use for your merch design.

There are a lot of print on demand shop in marketplace like Etsy, Amazon or even create your own brand with Shopify.

I personally think etsy is the easiest and fastest way to sell your print on demand because there are just tons of shoppers coming daily to that website.

It is a massive marketplace where you can sell merch and designs. 

You can easily design and sell your personalized merch there. 

3. Copywriting

make money with AI

Chapple AI opens up exciting ways for you to make some extra cash by doing Copywriting service.

It’s AI Writing Assistant can help you whip up articles, social media posts, and marketing content.

You can use this to offer your writing skills to others or boost your own marketing game.

Next, there’s the Visual Creator for crafting logos and designs.

Perfect if you want to offer your design services to businesses or folks in need of eye-catching visuals.

For the tech-savvy, Chapple AI’s code automation can speed up your development projects.

This means you can take on more coding gigs and increase your earnings.

If you prefer to use the free alternatives, you can just opt in ChatGPT or Google Bard.

4. Sell Prompts

make money with AI

With more than 100 million folks using AI tools and a massive demand for prompts and prompt engineers, prompt is another high in demand service.

You might think, why anyone wants to buy a prompt?

It is because AI is only brings result as good as it’s prompter.

The more detail and clear you are with your prompt, the better the result will be.

There are a lot of people who don’t have any idea how to make AI giving the result they want, that’s why a lot of people are willing to buy a prompt that give great result. 

PromptBase is the spot where you can buy and sell prompts, kickstarting some passive income for yourself.

5. AI Influencer

make money with AI

Meet Aitana López, the pioneering Spanish AI model created by Rubeñ Cruz, founder of The Clueless modeling agency in Barcelona. 

This  25-year-old girl with distinctive pink hair, Aitana is described as a strong and determined woman and a passionate Scorpio on the agency’s website. 

With over 260k followers on her account, she’s making waves in the digital world.

Aitana earns up to thousands of dollars per month, mainly through advertisements, pulling in 1,000 euros for each ad and totaling between 3,000 to 10,000 euros monthly.

Notably, you can also craft your own Social Media AI Influencer using platforms like Leonardo AI, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion. 

6. Publish E-Books

make money with AI

You can use AI tools like Eurekaa, chatGPT and Midjourney to publish books that has a huge demand.

Eurekaa will help you find any topic and see whether it is a profitable niche, then you can use Midjourney and chatGPT to create the cover, arts, and also to write the whole book.

After you finish, you can use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to publish books directly.

Other than educational books, you can just sell simple guides, planners, or even adult coloring books.

7. Podcasting

make money with AI

Podcasting is a huge business in our modern world, everyone is always on their headphone listening to somebody in spotify.

Do note that to earn money from podcasting, it will takes longer time because you will need to build your community of same interest before you can sell them anything. 

If you are interested in podcasting, just find a niche that interests you, use ChatGPT to generate topics outline as well as the scripts and then leverage tools like Speechify to produce and distribute them.

8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

make money with AI

You can sell SEO services for up to $2500/mo and use AI tools like SEMrush, Surfer SEO, Jasper or PostCheetah to do 99% of the work for you.

More over, you can also create your own niche blogs and start posting a content that rank on google so you can have stable income from ad revenue and affiliate sales.

9. Audio AI content

make money with AI

You can easily create audio content by using AI to write a script and transform it into audio via text-to-speech AI tools.

Afterwards, you can publish it on podcast network like Spotify and start building your own community with same interest.

10. AI Translation

make money with AI

There are AI tools that can help you translate videos or written content into a different language.

Nova AI will translate and add subtitles to a video, which is amazing.

You can offers a translation services through freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

In addition, use text-to-speech tools to turn a written content into an audio format or to convert written text into audio.

11. Build websites

make money with AI

Say goodbye to expensive Website builder agency and say Hi to AI Website builder.

You can offers web building service to a small-business owners with AI.

With some tools like Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, you can quickly create websites for clients.

12. Create online courses

make money with AI

You can use AI to create online courses and sell it online.

If you don’t know what course to sell, you can sell a course of teaching people how to use AI to boost their productivity.

Artificial intelligence is relatively new and there are a lot of people looking for guidance.

Use some AI tools like ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas, topics and develop course materials. 

In addition, use another AI tools to help you create videos, generate audios from script and sell the course materials.


There you have it – some ways of how you can make money with AI.

Remember, the key is to find your niche, embrace the learning curve (AI isn’t all sunshine and rainbows), and, most importantly, have fun!

The future ways of making money is waiting, and it’s begging for your creativity.

So, what are you waiting for?

Unleash your inner cyborg and let’s turn those algorithms into cold, hard cash.

But hey, before you go, a question: what’s your plan to make money with AI this year?

Share it in the comments below, let’s get this cyborg party started!

FAQs : How to make money with AI

Can you make money with AI?

Definitely, you can make money with AI.

Whether you want to sell copywriting service, arts, translation or anything else, AI will help you make money.

How do I make passive income with AI?

There are some ways to generate passive income with AI. First, you can generate thousands of evergreen content that rank on google, then you can put  your affiliate links, or via ads and selling products.

Can you make money using ChatGPT?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT to create content that you can monetize, whether it is a blogpost, script, copywriting, or sales copy.

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